Looking to start a business, launch a new brand, or expand your audience to new markets?

Come To…


Learn more about how Des O’Connor can help you build your business, with a special four hour session IN PERSON in London!

SPACE IS LIMITED: Only six (6) people will be selected for each Discovery Day! This event is only for serious professionals who are ready to commit to investing in their business growth and professional development!


Des O’Connor only has limited time and capacity to bring new clients and collaborative partners on board, and so he is offering a special introductory plan called “Discovery Day” where he asks you to commit upfront to investing in your business growth.

Come have lunch with Des, spend four hours together, get your questions answered, get immediate insights and actionable strategies to help your business!



How to Become an Expert:

Des has a proven program of training and marketing strategy to help create business experts. This means: he can help you build upon your existing career expertise and personal interests and passions to become a recognised business expert.

This includes:

  • Building a brand

  • Finding and growing your audience via social media

  • Online and offline marketing

  • Making money from selling digital products

  • The most underrated marketing techniques for business experts

  • Creating effective partnerships for business referrals and growth

  • And much more!

Speaking Engagements:

Learn how to build your brand as an expert by speaking on stage! One of the best ways to build your brand and find new business leads is to be a public speaker. There are massive opportunities for business experts to do public speaking; sometimes for free, eventually for pay – may organisations are constantly searching for new speakers to put in front of their audiences.

Des can show you how to become an expert speaker and he can introduce you to a network of speaking opportunities in the UK and internationally!

Des is also building a team of expert speakers who can speak on stage at business events in the UK and internationally!

“In the past year, I have put 65 speakers on stage. I can give you support, training, and contacts to start or expand your speaking career! Future international speaking opportunities for me have been confirmed for Dubai, Morocco, South Africa, Portugal, and we are in contact with various events and opportunities in the U.S.A. I want to bring a chosen selection of top speakers to join me for international speaking tours and in the UK as well, in events at locations such as London, Cardiff, Birmingham, and Liverpool.” – Des O’Connor

Launch Days:

Des can show you how to launch your new brand with a special whole day Launch Event.

Hosting a live Launch Event is an ideal opportunity to help your business grow, because it lets you…

  • Rally your supporters – people who care about you and your brand

  • Create partnerships with exhibitors and sponsors

  • Expand your network and build a bigger audience

  • Make your brand “official” as a recognised expert, with added credibility

  • Speak on stage – gain new business leads

  • Create professional videos of your speaking skills to use in promoting your business

  • Sell on stage – sell digital products, consulting services, books, and more

“I have recently helped host and produce 3 successful Launch Event days for Pam Chand, Alarine McLawrence, and Caroline Heward! See below for testimonial videos about the value and positive impact of a Launch Event and how it can help your business.” – Des O’Connor


Some of Des O’Connor’s Very Happy Clients and Guests from Previous Events


  • Spend time in person with Des O’Connor to talk about your business

  • Live Q&A session with Des – get fresh insights and brainstorm solutions for your business challenges

  • Get your specific questions answered – after booking your ticket, Des will have you complete a questionnaire in advance of the event so he can answer your specific questions and customise the event to suit your interests and goals

  • Get acquainted with Des, decide if you’re a good fit to work together on a larger package of consulting services or speaking engagements

  • Learn new ideas and strategies to help your business TODAY (no matter what, you are guaranteed to learn something new at Discovery Day that can HELP YOUR BUSINESS immediately)

  • Network with other talented professionals and business owners in an intimate boardroom setting at a nice hotel in Central London

  • Consider this a miniature “trial run” of working with Des – see how he can help your business, with a limited investment, before you decide to commit to a larger package of services

  • Invest in your business growth! Get focused attention from Des in a small group setting; you are guaranteed to get good value out of this special half-day session – surely this session will more than pay for itself, and you are under no further obligation to sign up for additional consulting services with Des

  • Lunch is included – have lunch on Des!

“I have recently been inundated with enquiries from people who want to work with me, and I can only work with a limited amount of people! So I am offering Discovery Day as an opportunity for people to learn more about my consulting services, see how I can help their business, and discover if we are a good fit. Please join me for Discovery Day – you are guaranteed to go home from this event with new inspiration, new ideas, actionable insights and strategies!” – Des O’Connor



  • An entrepreneur?

  • An established business owner?

  • A startup founder?

  • A professional speaker?

  • An author?

  • A professional coach or consultant?

  • Someone who wants to start a business or make a career change, but isn’t sure how to begin?

Discovery Day is for you! Anyone who wants to start a business or build a brand or launch a new business initiative is encouraged to attend! You will gain excellent knowledge and real business value from this special event.




That’s right – for just a one-time fee of £500 you can get 4 hours of small group coaching and Q&A with Des O’Connor. This is a special low price and an exceptional value; usually his fees for a larger package of consulting services are from £2000 to £12,000 depending on what you require.

Make this investment in your business success. Just £500 can be the start of massive new opportunities to achieve better sales results.

FREE BONUS: Book your ticket to Discovery Day and you’ll also receive Des’s bonus online course, “How to Treble Your Income Using Webinars,” a FREE bonus online seminar with a value of £497.

You get THOUSANDS of pounds worth of potential business value, for only £500.


Yes! Des is happy to set up separate call times via Skype or Zoom in case you cannot attend the in-person events in London. Please contact Des O’Connor for details!

Contact Des today! He works with clients worldwide. Even if you are outside the UK, you can do Discovery Day via Skype or Zoom, or depending on your situation, Des can travel to spend time with you at your location as this tends to be more productive than a call.

Yes. If you attend Discovery Day and decide that it’s not a good value, Des will refund your £500. But he believes so strongly in the value of this event, he is sure that everyone who attends will be happy with the investment!

If you’re interested in what you’ve heard from Des, this will give you a low-cost opportunity to get acquainted in person, learn more about how Des can help your business, spend time getting your specific questions answered, and you will go home with actionable insights and new inspiration for your business!

All this for only £500!


“This is an ideal chance to get great value for your business, at a low fee of only £500, and if we are not a good fit then I will refund your fee with no questions asked! Usually my consulting services cost £2000 to £12,000 or more; this is a low-cost price point to get access to my ideas and strategies in an intimate small group session. Don’t miss your chance to attend Discovery Day! Space is limited; only six people per day. This is a low-cost, low-risk investment in your professional development and business success. You’ll be glad you were in the room with us at Discovery Day.” – Des O’Connor